Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"There's a hundred and 4 days of summer vacation. . . "

To say we've had a wonderful summer is an understatement. I took advantage of being unemployed to do as much as we could without getting overwhelmed. Here is the summer 2010 recap.

1. Cabin Weekend
2. Strawberry picking at Mike's Berries
3. Storytime at the library
4. Splash Pad at Marathon Park
5. Made a homemade Zombie doll
6. Fireworks
7. Swimming at Memorial Pool
8. Picnic
9. Reading Charlotte's Web
10. Movie nights
11. Concerts on the Square
12. Cabin Weekend
13. Playdate with Jess
14. Camping in the backyard
15. Walking to the Farmers Market
16. 4th of July in MN
17. Tin Foil Tissue Paper art
18. Splash Pad
19. Hot Rocks craft
20. Spa Day
21. Visiting the animals at the Wisconsin Valley Fair
22. Fingerpainting
23. Popsicle Stick picture frames
24. Nick & Kari's trip to Madison for Brett & Caitlin's wedding
25. Camp G&G
26. Swimming in the kiddie pool
27. Fish Fry at Bent's Camp
28. Attending Trevor's Little League game
29. Fishing off the dock
30. Sleepover at Mallory & Meghan's
31. Woodchucks game
32. Playing at the park
33. Cabin weekend with Matt, Katie & Molly
34. Playdate at the park with Julie H, Bella and Alyssa
35. Phineas & Ferb- everyday
36. Tractor rides with PawPaw Mike
37. MN Splash Pad
38. Swimming at Memorial Pool
39. Dessert before Dinner day
40. Bowling (Kids-Bowl-Free)
41. Playing in the backyard
42. Sidewalk chalk
43. Playing at the Mall
44. Rainbow Day
45. Cabin weekend
46. More library time
47. Grandma Lella visits and sews aprons
48. Swimming at Memorial Pool
49. Kari's trip to Eau Claire for Jason Yarrington Memorial
50. Briq's Soft Serve
51. St. Anne's Polka Fest Carnival
52. Tent camping in the living room
53. Game Day
54. Sweet corn from the Farmers Market
55. Date night to celebrate Jess's birthday
56. Toy Story 3
57. School Supply shopping for 4K
58. Bennet riding a big girl bike w/training wheels
59. Sidewalk Chalk
60. Making fruit smoothies
61. Wrestling on the blanket in the front yard
62. WaterBalloon Flip Flops
63. Concerts in the Garden with Tom Pease
64. Curly Ribbon Headbands
65. Balloon Fest
66. BBQ with the Klauk family
67. Naps with Mom in her room
68. Grandma Mary Ella visits
69. Bay Beach Amusement Park
70. Learning Rock, Paper, Scissors
71. Splash Pad with Mann's
72. ExotiQuest Car Show
73. Visit from Jared
74. Cisco Chain Summer Picnic/Obstacle Course
75. Visit to the Salber Farm
76. Storytime at the Library
77. Professional photos for Ellie and Bennet
78. First day of PreK for Bennet

and so much more!!

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Casie said...

Love me some Phineas and Ferb!!

Great summer list!