Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WooHoo Wednesday- 6/23 Rainbow Day

When we woke up today it was rainy and gray so I figured it would be craft/movie day. We hopped in the car and were at Michael's right away at 9 a.m. to buy some supplies.

On the way there Bennet pointed out a big rainbow over Lake Wausau. It was so colorful. She said, "Mom- where's the unicorn at the end of the rainbow? I want to slide down into the money and see the unicorn" No idea why she thinks there is a unicorn there.

At the store she picked out Rainbow stickers and that sealed it- today was going to be Rainbow Day.

By the time we got home it was sunny. Go figure. After lunch the big girls had giant lollipops. Sticky gooey messes. (I need to modify my camera because all the photos are fuzzy. Weird!)

After quiet time it was time for a project. We made Corn Syrup Paintings. It was sticky and fun. Between the lollipops and paint they were a sticky mess. You should have seen the girls faces when I told them they could eat the paint :) It's all glossy when it dries.

I did this one

And then- as if that wasn't enough- we played outside some more. AND we went to Grandma Sweeney's for a quick picnic dinner with my nieces Mallory, Meghan and Morgan. Too much fun!!
Here is a photo of Ellie too. She's always along for the ride and we're lucky she's so flexible. It allows the big girls to enjoy WooHoo Wednesday's to the fullest.


.jessica jo. said...

love your Rainbow day!!!

BK said...

can I come live at your house? my Wednesday was not 'woo hoo' and I'm jealous! Ellie is adorable :)

Laurie! said...

corn syrup paintings? adorable!!

Williams Family said...

Question - did you use the glossy art paper for the painting, or regular paper?