Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Perfect Day

Let's be honest. Life is bonkers 75% of the time. The daily grind of running here and there. Kids up too early in the morning and to-do lists that only get longer. Always running out of milk and wishing one of the three girls would stop whining. Then when you least expect it life gives you the perfect day.

A day when all the kids behave. A day where laughter and smiles are more common than negotiations and ultimatums.

Today was the perfect day. And the scrapbooker is happy to say that I don't have one photo to show for it. I was just enjoying the time together as a family.

This morning-

The big girls sleep past 7 a.m. (a true rarity) and I had the chance to crawl into the lower bunk and snuggle with Scout. She gave me kisses and made funny noises with my mouth.

We loaded up the double stroller and the whole family walked to the Farmers Market in the sun. It isn't too hot and there is a nice breeze.

After the Farmers Market we walked up to the Mint Cafe for brunch. The wait staff adore the girls and the food is amazing as always. Can't beat pancakes and coffee.

Ellie sleeps. Ellie smiles. Ellie rolls with the punches.

On the walk home Nick had Bennet on his shoulders-
Dad- "Bennet you have a bony butt"
Bennet- "No Dad- I have a cute little butt"

The Afternoon-

Naps, naps, naps.

A trip to Target to get new hand weights and a scale. Two things needed to keep our new exercise regimen going.

The Evening-

An impromptu dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Or as Scoutie says, "Bubalows". Great service which made the whole event wonderful.

Dinner without tears or screaming.

As we got into the car after dinner the song "Love Will Keep Us Together" by Captain and Tenille was on the radio.

Me- "Oh Bennet- I love this song"
Bennet- "Does it make you fall in love with Dad?"
Me- "Yes- it does"
Bennet- "Then kiss him Mom"

So I did. And the girls smiled and giggled.

And then- when it couldn't get any better we came home and Scout said. . .

Scout- "I have to go poop on the potty"
Me- "For real?"

And she did. And we cheered. And we danced and we high fived! And we put stickers in the book and had a treat.

Bennet got her special books to read. And then she said, "Mom- let me get your camera- now where is it?" A girl after my own heart.

So no matter how crazy and out of control tomorrow will inevitably be I can remember that today it was pretty darn perfect. Today was a day that reminded us why we do it.


BK said...

adorable :) glad you had a great day!

Grandma T said...

So happy the weather finally cooperated and that you had a great day with your doesn't get much better than that!

Williams Family said...

Just wonderful. Of course, you must scrap this entire story!