Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eleanor Margaret at 5 Months

*Loves her Mama. She just lights up when she hears my voice. I LOVE it.
*Weighed 17 lbs and was 25.75 inches at her 4 month appointment. She's a long kid.
*Falls asleep on her own around 7 p.m. and sleeps until 6 a.m. So nice.
*Now takes all her naps in her crib. A very nice change. I haven't needed the wrap in weeks.
*Is eating cereal and just started some veggies this week. I think her older sisters are more jazzed about it than she is.
*Sticks her tongue out like a little lizard.
*Loves to laugh for Dad. Or when Scout gives her zerberts on her belly.
*Rolls over both ways but prefers to scoot around on her back in a circle.
*Wearing 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers
*Is a very smiley baby. You just want to smooch on those cheeks.
*Still sucks her thumb
*Bennet likes to tell everyone she meets that she has a cute little sister named Ellie.
*Scout calls her Goose.


Robin said...

love those photos!

gottaluvboyz said...

It's hard to believe how fast this first year is going for both of our little ones! That first photo...breathtaking! Simply adorable she is:)

Katie said...

Love it! Does she kind of look like Megs in the first picture?

charlotte said...

She's so chubby-cute! wow! 5 months!