Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WooHoo Wednesday- Accessorize

I had hoped to Tye Dye some skirts with the girls for this week's WooHoo Wednesday but we had rain in the forecast. Of course once I changed my plans not one drop fell but that's how it goes.

Recently I was looking at my giant pile of ribbon that I've accumulated for scrapbooking. I rarely use it anymore. It just sits there taking up space. Then I had my lightbulb moment- making some cute hair accessories for the girls.

I purchased 5/16 wide dowels and cut them to 12" in length. Pin the ribbon to the end and wrap. I baked them on a cookie sheet in the oven for 20 minutes at 200degrees. Let cool and unwrap.

While our ribbon was curling the girls painted. They LOVE to paint. Scout's usually ends up as something abstract (read: total mess- but hey, she's not quite 3). Bennet has really started to become more particular. Mixing shades, staying in the lines, wanting it to be just right.

I found headbands at JoAnn Fabrics for 25cents a piece. Can't beat that! We made 3 tonight and saved 3 for another day. Here is the finished product. Scout picked green. Bennet wanted pink.

Total Cost (not including the ribbon) for the projects was less than $10. That makes me give a WooHoo!!


Matt said...

I believe you misquoted Scout. Isn't it "geen" not "green"?

.jessica jo. said...

i challenge you to use ribbon on a layout! can you? :)

very cute headbands!

Grandma T said...

Where did you come up with yet another crafty idea?

gottaluvboyz said...

Oh, if only I had a little girl! Those are too cute:)

mustangkayla said...

Those are very cute!

Kreibich Family said...

Headbands cute. crafts adorable. Girls are seriously gorgeous!!
I'm thinking my boys should come hang out in a few years.