Monday, August 30, 2010

They Are

15 years ago I was about to start my freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Little did I know that the next four years would be some of the best years of my life. Through an amazing organization called Alpha Phi Omega I would meet people who would become lifelong friends. I simply love them.

Over the years some of us have been in each others weddings, added children, gotten married and become family. I think it's a testament to both UWEC and APO that after all this time we still keep in touch.

A year and a half ago a dear friend of mine from college passed away suddenly. While at his wake his friends decided that we would gather every year in Eau Claire on the 1st Sunday in August to celebrate his life. This year was the 2nd Annual Jason Yarrington Memorial GetTogether.

These photos are from this year's event.

TITLE: They Are
Journaling: I wrote little descriptions about my friends and put them around the photos. ~family, coworkers, roommates, APO, road trips, Water St., hookups, headbands, sister, uwec, cubemates
Design Notes: I uploaded 45 photos into Picasa and made them into a thumbnail sized collage on an 8 x 10 print.


gottaluvboyz said...

Love this...I may have to lift that thumbnail idea:)

A Sarasota said...

that's so sweet. and great LO concept...