Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WooHoo Wednesday- First Day of School

Today was Bennet's first day of school. She has 4K/PreK everyday for 1/2 day through the Wausau School District. She couldn't be more excited. I just smile when I see this photo. The ruffled denim skirt and Keds. Classic back-to-school attire.

Already making boyfriends? Not exactly. This is Liam. He goes to the same daycare and will be in her class. Apparently when I left Bennet Liam realized that his parents weren't staying with him for school. He gave his mom a death grip. Bennet took his hand and said, "It's ok Liam. Just stick with me" How sweet is that?
Conversation this morning over breakfast.

Me: What's your teachers name?
Bennet: Mrs. Norieka (No-ree-ka)
Nick: Is she Japanese?
Bennet: What? She doesn't have knees?

She did great! She got on and off the bus at daycare like a pro. She told me she sang, played and went to the bathroom 2 times. But her favorite was milk time with milk that opened from the sides. Oh she makes me smile.

Scout starts her new daycare/preschool next week so I took her for a fresh haircut today as well. We are still growing out her bangs so we just had a couple inches cut off the bottom.


Robin said...

I love that picture, she looks so excited for school!
hope she had a great first day

mustangkayla said...

Oh my, your girls are ADORABLE!

Michelle said...

So so cute!!! They will have a great year at school/day care!!