Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am thankful. . .

I'm not going to lie. The last couple of weeks have been, how should I put it. . . interesting, challenging, educational, rewarding and somehow fun.

It takes a lot of patience and coordination to maintain a sane family life with 3 kids under age 5 and 2 parents working full time. But people do it everyday- and we are.

Most mornings I feel like doing this:
And sometimes I do. It's easy to focus on the challenging things in life. But I have been supported by so many people the last couple of weeks. I have alot of people to thank. No time for handwritten thank you notes but here it is.

I am thankful . . .

for a mom, who even though she's hours away knows exactly when to call and knows exactly what to say. She was a working mom with 4 kids. I am taking her lead. I am thankful to be her daughter.

for a mother-in-law who has jumped in to back us up with watching the kids more times than she needed to the last couple of weeks. I am thankful to have her so close and so willing.

for my friend Jeni who sent a handwritten note that arrived on a day when I really needed it. I am thankful for her words of encouragement.

for my daughter Ellie who enthusiastically slaps her legs and kicks her feet when she sees me pick her up from daycare in the afternoon. I am thankful for her genuine love.

for my friend Jess who sent a gorgeous handmade card that helped me keep things in perspective. I am thankful for her sincere friendship.

for my ipod loaded with music that makes me groove. I am thankful for the sweet musical jams.

for my headstrong daughter Scout who wants to sit on my lap and snuggle at the end of the day and insists on giving me 2 kisses goodnight. I am thankful to hear her silly growls in the hallway at work during the day.

for my friend Liz who sent a happy 'just because' card when I started my new job. I am thankful to have felt her awesome hugs through that card.

for my independent daughter Bennet who is growing into a thoughtful little girl. I am thankful that she unknowingly makes me feel like a good Mom on a daily basis.

for my Nick who reminds me daily that I'm not in this alone. That we are doing a great job and that we make a good team. I am thankful that he starts/makes dinner, helps with the laundry, makes me feel secure, loved and most importantly makes me laugh every day!


jaylynn said...

And I would like to Thank You for posting such a sweet sweet Thank You to your friends and family. Even though it has nothign to do with me. It sure made me feel good just to read it. Your friends and family are sure lucky to have you in their life. Isn't it great to get those hand written cards and Thank Yous, I LOVE that too!

jaylynn said...

Ok so didn't know it was going to post the name...but it is not from jaylynn it is from me :)
Joni Danzl

gottaluvboyz said...

What a feel good post!!! Loved it:)

Daisymeh said...

This is beautiful KariAnn! I think this needs to be on a scrapbook page one day!

Grandma T said...

Thank you, Kari. You have an awesome way of keeping everything in perspective. You are much better at that than I ever was!

Williams Family said...

You are such a darling!

All of the friendship and loving energy you put out into the world returns to you - as it should. Thank YOU for offering me support so many times that I needed it!

- Jeni