Tuesday, September 28, 2010

46th Annual Beef-A-Rama

Only in Wisconsin! Each year the city of Minocqua has a festival called Beef-a-Rama. The streets are lined with chefs cooking, you guessed it- BEEF! TheThousands of people come into town to shop, eat, drink and participate in the activities. We joined our friends Terry and Sarah along with their two girls, Macey and Norah for the day of fun.
Highlights included a Cheeseburger Eating contest which Nick plans to enter and win next year. Too many dogs dressed up as cows to count. Cow hats and cow babies but no live cows. :)
The day ends with the Parade of Roast in which contestants parade their beef down the street. I'm talking 'the close the street and traffic' off kind of parade. Let me tell you- it's something to be seen to be believed. Only in Wisconsin! There was a woman dressed up in a hospital gown being pushed in a wheelchair pretending to feed her baby with a bottle full of bbq sauce.

Only in Wisconsin would women dress up as a cow and draw even more attention to themselves by adding red lips and a tiara to the ensemble.
We ended the day with dinner at the Mann's house with what else? BEEF! It was a great day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous with the fall colors at their peak. The kids behaved wonderfully. Nick and I were able to spend time with good friends. I love living in this part of Wisconsin. You can bet that we'll be at the 47th annual Beef-A-Rama next year!

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