Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WooHoo Wednesday- At the Farm

This week's WooHoo Wednesday was one of my favorites of the summer. We spent the night at my friend Jess's family farm in Marathon. The girls were so excited! It was hard to keep them focused on one thing at a time since there was so much to see. An apple tree, barn cats, cows, tractors, corn. . .

Our first stop was the milking barn. We were able to see all 65 cows during their evening milking. I had alot of fun talking with Jess's Dad Rick about the cows. My family has always been big milk drinkers and I loved learning a little more about the process. It makes me appreciate it more.

This calf is less than 24 hour old. How cool is that? Time to feed the baby calf.
Farmer Rick sprayed Scout with some warm milk.
We got to check out the corn field too. The weather this summer has made the corn far taller than usual. The girls and Trevor. Shortly after I took this photo Bennet tackled him and all 3 of them toppled over.
And it kept getting better. Jess's brother Joe took the girls on a tractor ride. Look at the size of those tires! Scout is an excellent driver.
As if that wasn't enough Trevor had one last surprise. His grandpa and him have constructed an amazing train set in an outbuilding. I was blown away. Trains looping past each other over bridges and through mountains. Scout was mesmerized. She just kept moving around the tables soaking it all in. It's rare to hear her be so quiet.
We ended the night with some John Deere fruit snacks. You know how they love the fruit snacks. "Mom- I'm eating a tractor!!"
Thank you to Jess and her family for showing us around the farm. We had so much fun. I know the girls will be talking about it for weeks!


Robin said...

looks like an awesome trip to the farm!
makes me remember my youth growing up on the farm, feeding calves, picking apples, riding the tractor, baling hay, milking cows, etc.
I even have a cousin with a similar train addiction :) his is the upper level of his garage

gottaluvboyz said...

Seriously, what a great night for all of you! How fun...your friend's family is too sweet:) I'm like Robin, takes me back to my youth as well and all my time spent on the farm.