Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WooHoo Wednesday- May 19- Picnic

The weather was perfect today. Days like today that make me tolerate the winters.

Tonight we grabbed a blanket, packed a picnic and went to surprise Grandma Barb at her house. We caught her planting her pots for the year but she took a break to spend some time with us.

I snagged the picnic plates and storage containers from JoAnn's clearance section. Isn't it cute?

Bennet is into picking EVERY flower she sees. She always wants to know the name of it and whether or not it smells. The lilacs are blooming right now and she makes sure our house is smelling beautiful!

We are in the process of growing out Scout's bangs. I can't wait until they are long enough to stay out of her face consistently without the complicated system of levers and pulleys.

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Shannon Bogan said...

So sweet! I love your Woohoo Wednesdays. :)