Saturday, May 15, 2010

Remember this

I want to remember that . . .

On this Saturday in May
there was a tent in my living room
with all girls tucked inside
for a mid-morning nap

Scout was to my right
wearing a fancy polka dot party dress she picked out herself
snuggling underneath her Dad's Star Wars comforter from his childhood
pointing to and naming the colors she saw
and Chewbacca

Bennet was to my left
wearing her green 'twirly' skirt
inside her Tinkerbell sleeping bag
one hand tucked under her face
the other with her fingertips gently touching my arm

Ellie was wrapped up tighly on my chest in the wrap
breathing shallow, happy breaths
I could feet the sweat from the back of her head on my neck
Cradled her bare foot in my hand.

I could hear the sounds of spring
outside the open window
birds chirping

As we all work up
Bennet start singing Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'
We all smiled and giggled
Laid there a little longer
Making Ellie smile
and my heart was happy

1 comment:

Grandma T said...

And you say you are not an awesome writer. Go tell someone else who will believe that, because it certainly isn't this woman! You certainly captured the moment.