Thursday, July 8, 2010

WooHoo Wednesday- Delayed

Our regularly scheduled WooHoo Wednesday was delayed due to the sickies. We were scheduled to go to the Wausau Woodchucks game with our friends Jess and Trevor but that had to be put on hold.

Scout had a 103 fever on the 4th of July. Yesterday morning our niece Molly spiked a fever. Yesterday afternoon Bennet started to feel hot and complain of a sore throat. Scout was still a little warm. I asked Nick to stay home from golf so I had reinforcements. Then last night Nick started to ache. It's making the rounds.

So today we had morning craft time to make up for the loss of WooHoo'ing yesterday. We made Tissue Paper Tinfoil Art. I got the idea from the Eighteen25 blog. The instructions can be found at the link. We substituted ModPodge for the glue.

I cut up some old Priority USPS boxes as bases and wrapped the tinfoil around. Secure to the back with tape.

Hard at work.
I am constantly reminded that glitter is a pain in the keester. But the girls love it so I conceed.
Here is the finished product.

I made one too.

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