Friday, July 2, 2010

Well Worn- FreakyFriday

Each Friday at ScrapFreak the Team hosts a FreakyFriday challenge. It's a great opportunity to stretch your scrappy wings :)

This week Kim and I are hosting the Storytelling Challenge.


For some reason summertime makes me reminisce about my life and childhood more than any other season. I find myself remembering all these weird random memories. Call my sisters saying, "You remember how Grandma always wore fushia. It was her signature color" or "I remember our dog Mandy always doing three spins before laying down. Her signature move"

This weeks Storytelling topic will be 'Your Signature'. The story behind your signature recipe, article of clothing, or style. The story behind a familiar tradition or haircut. It doesn't have to be about you personally. Think about your extended family, kids, pets, and so on.

Here is my sample all about my signature comfy outfit.

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mustangkayla said...

What a great design! I love how you find really eye catching ways to journal a lot on layouts!