Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WooHoo Wet- Wednesday Movie Night

It's been a dark dreary day around here. Thunderstorms and tornados. We had a crazy afternoon downpour- 2 inches of rain in 1 hour. We always have flooding issues so Nick was quick to get the gutters clear and we kept an eye on the basement.

Since our backyard was a pond we kept it simple tonight. MOVIE NIGHT!! Last night the girls and I watched Spiderman. Bennet asked to watch Spiderman 2 tonight.

Here is some Bennet commentary-

Dad- that's the Green Goblin. He died in Spiderman1- this is Spiderman 2

Hey wait- I've seen this before. A long time ago. I remember those pizzas

B- Hey Dad- what's his name? (Pointing to Bruce Campbell)
His name is Bruce.
B- I'll call him Red Mark as a nickname
(thinking thinking). No B- his name isn't bruise it's Bruce.

Shoot your webs Spidey!! Shoot your webs. Whew!

Hey Scouty- that's Doctor Octopus. He's the bad guy in this one.

Ellie- look at those rolls. This kid never skips a meal.

Scout- "Mom- I'm scared." Then she peeked through her fingers anyways.


Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

Love the commentary to the movie. Kids are so much fun.

We were supposed to have storms up here in Minneapolis today, but the went past us and we only had the hot steamy weather and a little rain. Tornado Watches no Warnings.

.jessica jo. said...

awww, so cute!

gottaluvboyz said...

LMBO at the commentary! Too darn cute:)