Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WooHoo Wednesday- Hot Sun = Hot Fun

Bennet has been asking to go to the "pool with the dolphins" better known as Memorial Pool for a couple weeks. Today the Kiwanis sponsored free admission for kids to the 3 local Wausau pools. Perfect timing.

I get all three kids through the parking lot and walk up the hill to the gate. Of course I forgot that I'd have to pay admission for myself. A whole whopping dollar. Did I bring my wallet? Nope. Schlep the kids back down the hill so I can get my wallet. Only then do I remember this conversation from earlier in the day- Me: Scout, what are you doing? Scout- Taking your money from your wallet for my piggy bank. Me: Ok.

Needless to say I had no cash or change in my wallet. And I was only able to scrounge up 95cents in the car- with pennies. Unwilling to re-load the kids in the car to drive to an ATM I figured they'd just have to take what I had. They happened to have an extra nickel- whew!!

Bennet jumped and jumped and jumped. Our daycare provider Amy's twin daughters Madison and Bailey came to join the fun.

Scout is all about the snacks.

Scout and Bailey

Bennet and Madison (I'm proud that I can tell them apart)

Ellie dipped her little toes in the water and then promptly took a nap.
The next stop this week was Dessert First (which I stole from my sister-in-law Sara). The girls were soooooo excited. I'm a stickler on earning dessert and usually have to fight with them to get them to eat so this was a huge treat. Off to DQ we went. Mint Dilly bar for B, Chocolate ice cream cone for Scout and a Raspberry Lemonade Chiller for me.
I think she liked it.
We got home and had our last part of this week's WooHoo Wednesday- Hot Rocks. Will post that tomorrow!


.jessica jo. said...

What a perfect day!!!!

gottaluvboyz said...

Awesome day! I'm LMBO at the admission story, though...sounds like something that would 100% happen at my house!