Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Reading with Bennet

This summer Bennet is 4 1/2. While she is too old to need a daily nap her younger sisters still need them for survival. While I'd love to do a craft project with her everyday during this time sometimes that's just too much work.

I came up with the idea of reading a book to her during Quiet Time. Not the classic bedtime picture books but a chapter book. I wasn't necessarily looking to teach her to read but searching for something to keep her occupied and perhaps make her think a little.

Each afternoon we snuggle up on the couch or in our bed to read. It's become a special time for just the two of us. Sometimes we'll read a couple of chapters and then nod off to sleep for a couple minutes.

We just completed our first book, Charlotte's Web by E.B. White. Bennet would often stop me to ask questions. "Mom, what's a sheepfold? What's axel grease? Who taught Charlotte to spell? Why is Avery taking a shotgun on the school bus?" (Not kidding about the last one- pg. 7. He grabs a doughnut and his shotgun and then boards the bus. Only in 1952.)

Once we finished the book I got the movie from the library. My favorite comment from Bennet during the movie was "Mom, Charlotte died. But look- her babies will keep Wilbur company and he won't be sad anymore. Isn't that nice?"

On a side note I have to once again praise our local library. I am a voracious reader and am hopeful my children will be as well. Being able to utilize our library for books, storytimes and videos is such a wonderful thing.

I think our next book will be The Boxcar Children or Stuart Little. Any other suggestions?


matt said...

I would say Stuart Little. That way she can have another movie to watch afterwards. - Megs

Michelle said...

I have always read to my kids too. They love to read. When Brit was about 6-7, we started on the American Girl Books. How I wish she was little again. I need to find some for little boys now! :)

Vanessa said...
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Vanessa said...

I had thought of something else too, so that's why I deleted it. Either the Boxcar Children, or the Little House on the Prairie Series. Love those ones!

Camilla said...

I second the little house on the prarie books. I loved them as a child and read them over and over. Also porter is really into the magic treehouse books. they are not too long, we usually read one in 2-3 days reading for 20-30 minutes a night. They go over little themes, like dinosaurs or castles.