Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WooHoo Wednesday (July 8, 2009)

This week for WooHoo Wednesday we went to Marathon Junction to ride the train. Bennet gets a kick out of it. I notice she usually looks over the side instead of ahead of her.
Need to edit this photo since it's a little dark but I'm too lazy today :)
This is such a classic Scout look. "Huh? What am I seeing? Where are we going? Let me see!!"
After the train ride we played at the park. I was reminded of an awesome post my friend Mary made about "Park Mom's" on her blog. My kids are by no means perfect but they are far from bratty. There was a little girl there yesterday who was a text book brat. Bossy, prissy, pushy and spoiled rotten. Did Mom/Grandma do anything? Of course not! Did I? You betcha!
And a photo of me wearing my Leinenkugel's hat. I looked at this photo last night and noticed some more laugh/smile lines around my eyes. I'm embracing them. They are a sign that I've had a fun, laughter filled life so far. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Random side note. Earlier today I was thinking to myself, "Someday I'll be able to go to the bathroom by myself. Someday I won't have baby gates everywhere. Someday I won't have to change a diaper blowout. Someday I won't have to spend 1/2 hour explaining to a 3 year old the response to her "why mom?". Then as we were walking to the car from the park yesterday I was holding hands with both girls. One on each side. That's when I thought to myself, someday I am going to miss all those things. And with every day-to-day thing that drives me a little bonkers there is an equally awesome thing that makes me happy. Walking to the car holding hands with my girls.


mustangkayla said...

Great pictures! Loved your side note! I am struggling remembering to enjoy the stage they are at right now. So this post is a great reminder, thanks!

.jessica jo. said...

you have a very good point - too often we want to hurry up to the next part of life, but forget about the little things that we may be missing as time goes on.

cute pics of the girls!!!

Grandma T said...


I cried when I read what you wrote about your girls. You got me back!

jenney said...

So so true!!