Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shaped Paper Fun

I've been creating alot of shaped layouts this past month. I'm consciously trying to use things from my stash so I don't feel guilty about buying new CHA released treats. There are quite a few things that made my heart skip a beat :)

Every great Film should seem new every time you see it - Roger Ebert.
It was nearly impossible to narrow down the list to only 10. Nick and I LOVE movies. We could do a list of our top ten Comedies, our top ten Rainy Day movies, top ten Crapburgers. I should make a mini-album. The Top 5 on this list stay pretty consistent. The Bottom 5 fluctuate.
Photo from the 4th of July this year. I took one sheet of die cut paper and trimmed it in two. The right hand side I covered with patterned paper.


Jenn said...

Great layouts and super huge congrats on thermos!

Gabi said...

I love all of your LOs. This gives me much inspiration. I have a lot of die cut paper, and I just didn't know how to utilize it until now. Thanks!!

Christyn said...

I'm trying to use up my stash too and trying really hard to stay away from the sneaks so I won't be tempted. I'm a sucker for diecut paper too, good for you for using yours, mine stays in the 'pretty pile'. Love that Better Off Dead is #2.

Radiant_Being said...

You are quite creative! Nice to read your posts....katie