Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Friday Facts

1. It's been raining most of the week. The sun is finally shining today. However, our planned trip to the splash pad has been thwarted by a tree that fell there earlier this week. It's closed for 2 weeks for repairs. Boo.

2. We are revisiting this craft this weekend. Bennet specifically asked to make the "good tasting" art project. Crazy since it was almost a year ago to the day!

3. I sewed a new valance to go in my newly painted bathroom the other night. Scout said, "I don't like it Mom. Just kidding." Thanks- I think.

4. Everytime Ryan Reynolds comes on the TV Bennet says, "Mom , your boyfriend is on TV". Now Scout's started to do it too.

5. Speaking of my boyfriend, Bennet, Scout and I (not so much I) watched the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996) movie the other night. He plays the popular DB in that movie. With a really bad haircut.
5. My co-worker gave me some scrap denim back in January and it's been hiding in a bag under my desk since then. I finally used it this week and made Bennet a super cute skirt with 3 layers of ruffles. My friend Trinka complimented her this morning and she said, "My mom makes me pretty skirts". That made my heart flutter a little bit. (grainy photo)

6. Last weekend I finished The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I really enjoyed it.

7. Then I devoured the last Spenser novel in less than a day. Robert B. Parker passed away in 2010 so Sixkill is his last book. I will miss Spenser, Hawk and even Susan.

8. I am getting very excited about our annual trip to MN for the 4th of July. My sister Megan is coming home from New Mexico and I get to meet my new niece Morgan. SO excited!!

9. Came to the realization this morning that Scout will turn 4 in a little over two months. WHAT?

10. I plan on spending some quality time with both my sewing machine and scrap supplies this weekend. I have a couple of sketches I want to work on for the Inspired to Scrap sketch class.

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