Thursday, June 30, 2011

Make Up

Tomorrow morning we head to MN to spend the long weekend with my family at my parents cabin in Wahkon. The girls have been bursting with excitement all week. Bennet wants to help Grandpa "make a puddle in the driveway that goes all the way to the lake". And she wants to play in the loft, hold Morgan ("But you have to re-teach me how Mom"), and go swimming. Scout wants to make sure I bring her toothbrush. And she can't wait to help Grandma with her make-up. Of course- the make up!!

The journaling in this layout says it all. It's a tradition that I'm glad I put to paper. 

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Matt said...

Did I tell you that when Molly was getting ready with Mom she put a little perfume on her? She broke out in a rash. :)