Monday, June 6, 2011

Why I Scrapbook

Life is unpredictable and always crazy.
I often feel like the 5 of us are on
a merry-go-round.
Round and round.
Day after day.
I can't slow down time.
I only get 24 hours in the day.
But those hours are filled with little moments.
Moments that seem ordinary now
but will become the moments of legend
as the years pass on.
As I grow older I find myself
remembering random memories
from my childhood.
Hide-and-Go-Seek tag on
 hot summer nights.
Monday night pager tests.
The way my Mom always says,
"Oh ha! You liar!"
The top row of the fridge filled
with blue and pink cartons of
milk from the milk man.
How my Dad used Duct Tape and a Sharpie
 to labelthings in the garage.
My 3 siblings and me in the Suburban
driving to South Dakota listening
to one oldies tape
Someday my girls will
remember their own little moments.
Things that right now seem insignificant.
That is why I scrapbook.
It's a chance for me to take a
snapshot of our lives.
From my perspective.
I hope someday that my girls
sit down with their
 books and say
"Oh- I'd forgotten about that.
Hey Scoutie- do you remember. . ."
"Ellie- look how little you were!"
"OMG- remember when Mom's hair looked like that!"
This is why I scrapbook.

This layout captures one of those everyday moments that would have been forgotten had I not put it to paper. The event happened on April 11th and I scrapped it on the 12th. I just had to get it down. The layout was inspired by Karen Grunden.


meluv2scrap said...

Girl I LOVE IT!!! What a fantastic LO!!! Super cute and fun picture, too. I scrapbook as a way to capture a moment and bring it to life. Love it!

monica.coffman said...

I love it, Kari! You do an amazing job capturing all those little moments too. Scrap on, girlfriend! lol

Laurie! said...

This is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

What a great blog post. I couldn't agree more. I love scrappin' the little moments, too. Life is full of them and I don't want to forget. Love that layout and cute picture!

Katie said...

seriously cute! i love how you put the little quips randomly.

*Paula* said...

Super cute layout :) And I love your reasons to scrapbook. Awesome

Grandma T said...

Tears in my eyes as I read your memories of your childhood, honey. You have a way with words.