Friday, October 31, 2008

Whole Lotta Leaves

Nick and I regularly joke that our house is the Bermuda Triangle of the neighborhood. For some reason it seems like we get more of everything. The house across the street has 6 inches of snow when we get 12.

So check out how many leaves we have along our sidewalk. Keep in mind that it continues past the driveway at the top of the photo and to the left of the stop sign. Then take a gander at the brown house across the street. They have what? 50 leaves total? Scout is walking towards Bennet who is kneeling in the leaves. That will give you a perspective on how many leaves we get. The BIG upside is that our tax dollars pay for the city to come and pick them up and haul them away. Since it's Halloween I thought I'd share a photo of Bennet with her pumpkin. She painted it at daycare yesterday during their party. She was so proud. I didn't get the message in time to bring her costume yesterday so she wore one of the twins hula girl outfits. When I got home from work she ran up to me with her hands at her chest and said 'Co Co nuts boobies Mama hula' I am so proud :)


McFarland Family said...

Holy leaves Batman! That's our plan today...rake the leaves. I need to get smart like Nick and invest in a leaf blower, better yet one for each hand!!

Jayne said...

Coconut boobies! LOL!!

That's a lot of leaves! Lets hope a big wind doesn't come along - you could never get away with piling them like that in Omaha!