Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pickin' Pumpkins

It's that time of year again- PUMPKIN Picking time! Grandma Mary Ella came to visit for the weekend and joined us at Wilke's Wild Acres. It was a little cold out, but the sun was shining.

Scout cozied up to the baby goats. She went right up and fed them corn.
We went on a hayride through the woods and fields. Bennet was in awe of all the cows.
Scout and Grandma Mary Ella. Bennet just calls her 'MaryLella'. As much as we try to get her to say Grandma she insists on MaryLella. Oh well.
Our attempt at a self portrait.
We found 3 perfect pumpkins. Not too big but big enough for baked pumpkin seeds. Here we are leaving the field.
Ah the reality of trying to get a family photo. Scout's fussing and Bennet is wearing her stellar and constant 'Bear Coat and Kitty Boots' outfit :) These really are the days.
On a side note Nick wanted to mention that if you're in the market for a leaf blower he HIGHLY recommends the Black and Decker Leaf Hog It has 230 MHP blow speed and works like a dream!


Brenda said...

I love those pictures of Scout with the goats. She is such a happy girl.

Bennet is getting so grownup looking! I love how you can just see her bubbly personality written all over her face. Such a doll!

That family portrait is so fun! That is going to be one you look back on in 20 years and smile.

.jessica jo. said...

When did you go? We went there today!!!! So, did you have any pictures like this???

hahahaha. :)

Melissa S said...

Do your girls get any cuter??? And looks like you are getting slimmer and slimmer!!!