Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10 Things that make me go hmmm . . .

Or things that drive me batty. This is all in good fun here.

1. Why do gas stations advertise 'Clean Restrooms' on their billboards? I mean shouldn't that be a given? And if you have to point it out chances are they are less than clean.

2. Why do people know that the 'T' in Chevrolet is soft/silent but they can't do it for the 'S' in Illinois. Come on people! It's Wisconsin, NOT Westconsin and it's Illinois with a silent S.

3. Limp handshakes. Gotta go web to web on this one. Shake my hand like you're genuinely glad to meet me.

4. Three pronged forks. Creepy and wrong.

5. Organic maple syrup. It comes from a tree. Isn't all maple syrup organic?

6. Curtains in conversion vans. Seriously creepy and just downright wrong. Conversion vans weird me out as it is but add curtains and my hair stands up on end.

7. The Disney Vault. Everytime I hear that somethings been released from the Disney Vault I both laugh and cringe.

8. The $5 footlong commercials from Subway have GOT to go. And no- if you come up to me and sing it I won't think it's funny :)

9. The lack of service at retail outlets. When I say "Thanks! Have a good day" please return the sentiment instead of grunting.

10. Mullets and acid washed jeans. In this day and age there in no excuse. Although it surely brings me entertainment finding them in a crowd.


Melissa S said...

hehe...that was great! I agree with all of them...seriously!

Williams Family said...

That is awesome. And so true!

Tara said...

tee he heeee..you crack me up..
and here i thought our family were the ONLY ones that the subway commercial jingle bothered!!! uuugh! once it's in your head it doesn't go away!!!!

.jessica jo. said...

seriously, that subway commerical ROCKS! even trevor knows all the words to it. hehehe, totally kidding on the "it rocks" part!!!!