Monday, October 6, 2008

A quick little layout I made the other night. It lists all the songs that I love. From as long ago as junior high until today. Some our my signature songs. The songs I could listen to over and over. The songs that have a strong memory burst to the front of my mind the minute I hear the first beat. The songs that each have a story behind why I love them. Some are my old karaoke songs. Some are songs that my siblings and I danced to when we were little. Some remind me of house parties and road trips. Some make me think of Nick and our home. Some make me sappy thinking about my daughters. That's the beauty of music.

After I had the list penciled out I asked my Facebook buddies what song reminded them of me. Most of them were on the list already which kind of made me smile.

The little 1/2 circles reminded me of CD's although the title is Mix Tape.


Jayne said...

I love this layout Kari! Really. Love it!

BTW - I need to get with you on facebook :)

Williams Family said...

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - a favorite of mine! I cannot listen to it without playing an imaginary piano, of course.