Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Sitting on the couch yesterday Bennet asked, "Mom- when I can I try to ride my bike without the training wheels?"
Me, "Right now."
Bennet, "Really?"
Me, "Really!"

She probably could have tried it last year but she never asked and we didn't push. But we knew she could do it.

Nick and I held her two or three times and then she wanted to try it on her own. And just like that she was gone. With incredible speed up and down the road. I was shocked at how quickly she took to it. I kept saying to Nick, "Really? That's it? It was that simple"" No more than five minutes in she was jumping off the curb, giving Dad a "hang loose" and raising the roof. That's my girl.

She was so proud of herself. We were proud of her. Somehow throwing those training wheels to the curb translated to her growing up exponentially and I shed a happy tear. When I tucked her in to bed last night she said, "Mom- I can't believe I can ride a two-wheeler. I thought maybe I could tomorrow but I did it- TODAY!"

The road is yours for the taking B- go get it!


Brenda said...

WOW!! Awesome work, Bennet!

Kreibich Family said...

Go B!
How awesome--esp love the "raising the roof."... So the heart tugging in here for me was that she asked and you said, "right now." Gosh, how many times do we as parents put off playing with kids for something more urgent? You created that space and something incredible happened in 5 mins. It's a good reminder for me. Thanks, Kari!