Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall for You

You know how life can just kind of get a little out of control? That was my life the last couple of weeks. I think I had let my to-do list get out of control. Well- not out of control, but out of priority. I spent last weekend reworking the list from the "want to do" to the "have to do" and am feeling much better. Our laundry is caught up, house tidy and food in the fridge. I slowed down and actually sat on the couch with Nick Saturday night and watched not one, but TWO movies! Did a little sewing for kariann96 designs and some scrapping. Nothing feels quite like regaining some balance. 

I lifted this layout from October Afternoon blog. Photo of Ellie at the cabin earlier this month.

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gottaluvboyz said...

I love this Kari Ann!!! I see a lift in my future!!! That photo is so adorable:)