Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 Things on Thursday

1. I have lost all faith in Bennet's bangs and their ability to grow. We've been growing them out since April and they are still at the length where they are perpetually in her eyes. It drives me bonkers.
2. Finished reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. It was just the right level of creepy for Halloween month.
3. Speaking of Halloween, costumes are in progress. Bennet wants to be a Zombie Schoolgirl, Scout is Spidergirl and Ellie is going as Ellie/Mr. Gunderson from UP.
4. And in keeping with the Halloween theme- we happened to watch American Horror Story on FX last week. I laughed at it (as I tend to do with horror) and Nick was creeped out and sucked in at the same time.
5. Bennet decided to try out her first organized sport/club. Walking Club after school on Thursdays. She is soooo excited.
6. She wanted to wear her new Halloween spider skirt for the occasion. She wanted it longer so that's how I made it :)

7.  My 'Go Spidey Go' layout from yesterday is a Pick of the Week at Sketchy Thursday.
8. Still haven't made Squash Soup. And I really want some.
9. Picked up my next book for my Nook for $2.99. Can't beat that!

10. My house has turned into a random pile of whatever here and a random pile of that there. I plan on fixing that this weekend!

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Casie said...

I've got lots of squash here if you need some!