Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 Things on Thursday

1. The Walking Dead is back on AMC. Love that show. Love Zombies.
2. Watched a bunch of movies last weekend. The Green Lantern (Ryan Reynold's is just rrrrrarrrrrrr!), Hall Pass and Just Go With It last weekend. We enjoyed all of them!
3. Nick is hard at work on his children's book. It's about our 3 girls fighting zombies in the neighborhood. I know you think Zombies are the last thing you'd see in a Children's Book- but it totally works!  It is really coming together. Even after all this time I am still blown away by his illustration talent. I make a killer stick person though.
4. I love food and clean clothes but really could do without grocery shopping and laundry.
5. I sold a Green Bay Packers Nook sleeve to someone in North Carolina this week. Packer fans really are everywhere!
6. Last Friday I chaperoned Scout's field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. It was REALLY cold, but she still found the perfect pumpkin. (She's wearing the Halloween skirt I made for her)

7. Speaking of skirts- I made Bennet's Zombie Schoolgirl pleated skirt this week. My mother-in-law recently picked up a box of fabric at an auction and it had the perfect wool plaid. I won't feel so bad getting it nice and Zombified now
8. We are getting a new roof next week. I love being a home owner but I could do without the big expensive projects.
9. I am really enjoying this book. Sad and happy and different.

10. My mom and brother are coming to visit this weekend. I think I am more excited that the kids.

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