Monday, October 17, 2011

Off the Hook

Bennet LOVES to fish. Whenever we are at the cabin it is the first thing she asks to do. She doesn't care if it's 50 degrees and raining- all she wants to do is catch fish. I love the fact that she gets right in there and does all the work herself.

For the fish I created a template out of chipboard and then adhered yellow fabric to it. The pole is actually an old watercolor paint brush of the kids that I cut to size.

Design inspired by this layout by my friend Pam Brown.

TITLE: Off the Hook


gottaluvboyz said...

This is adorable, Kari Ann!!! I love the pole and fish...perfect touch without being too much

Laurie! said...

I love this!

Vanessa said...

Too cute! I love it!

Heather said...

This is so cute!