Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things on Thursday

1. Life has felt a little out of control this past week. Battling colds, trying to find the balance between home, work and hobbies and just not quite myself.
2. I opened my Etsy business last week. I am making fabric Kindle/Ipad/Nook covers with a pocket. Plus some other fun things along the way. Nick designed my business card for me.

3. I have alot of items in stock but can put together a custom combination as well.

4. Last weekend Nick and I had a Torchwood: Children of Earth marathon. Stayed up into the wee hours watching 4 of the 5 episodes but it was worth it. Love this series!
5. I love fall but the days are already getting shorter.
6. Bennet has started making her own cold lunch to take to school. She's so proud and I am appreciative!
7. Scout hates holding butterflies. Lucy came out of her cocoon this week and she was NOT a fan!

8. Ellie is really starting to make noise. She is talking, babbling, screeching or generally making noise when she is awake. Simultaneously adorable and slightly exhausting.
9. Finally making progress on getting our new roof. Ugh.
10. Hoping for a rejuvenating weekend. I need it!

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