Monday, September 12, 2011

Lucy the Caterpillar

The second weekend in September is the Festival of Art in Wausau. Last year the girls and I went to the displays at Marathon Park and stumbled upon the Marathon Monarch booth. We purchased a caterpillar for $5, the girls named it Tulip JoJo and watched it go from caterpillar to butterfly.

This past weekend we made the trip again and purchased Lucy. Bennet likes to call her Lucy Loose Toothy. Right now she's in the J position ready to form her chrysalis. It's such a fun thing to do with the kids that it's become an annual tradition.

This layout features our 2010 caterpillar- Tulip JoJo.


Cindy Gay said...

Great job!

Deanna said...

Sooo cool! I love that you got pictures all along the way. My kids would LOVE that! (Oh and just so you know, you're missed over at the Nook. ;) )