Monday, November 29, 2010

A Night on the Town

Saturday night Nick and I went to the 20 Friends party at the Grand Theater in Wausau. My brother-in-law Tony is part of a group called 20 Friends. Every other year they put on a big black tie party the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They rent out the Grand Theater on Arts Block downtown and invite a couple hundred people to the event. They have 3 different musicians/bands, drinks and fun throughout the night.

This year was a Spy Theme. Nick designed the invites this year and made a website to go with it.  (use any password). He went all out and wore a cool spy watch complete with video capabilities and a holster w/a gun.

Don't we clean up well? A huge thanks goes out to our friend Jess for taking all three girls overnight. Talk about being an awesome friend. They had a blast and so did we!  We danced, we laughed, we drank, we enjoyed a night with just the two of us!

 Self portrait :)


gottaluvboyz said...

How fun!!! Glad the two of you enjoyed a great night out:)

.jessica jo. said...

And I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat! The girls were a blessing to have over -- we had a lot of fun! :) Im glad you two were able to enjoy a night out alone -- its a must for all parents, it helps keep us sane! :)

Gabi said...

I love your little blog and I posted an award for you on my blog, so feel free to share and pay it forward! Love that last pic ;)
-Gabi from Savannah, TX