Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun Friday Facts

1. Did you see that Ryan Reynolds was named People's Sexiest Man Alive? Oh- he totally does it for me.
2. Taught a little paper bag scrapbooking class at a middle school this week for the YWCA GIRLS Club. I'll be doing it at the two other middle schools in the area as well.
3. Loved last nights episode of 'Community'. I want to build a giant blanket fort now.
4. Trying to find matching pj's for sizes 6, 4T and 18 months is tough so I'm going to sew some pj pants myself. Adds a personal little touch.
5. Bennet's first school photos came home this week. I love that she's wearing some random novelty necklace. It's so her.  

6. Going to the Wausau Country Club for lunch with Nick today.
7. Scout makes me laugh. She was eating some fancy sundae Nick concocted the other night and said (spoon in mouth)- "mmm... now this is good"
8. I'm already preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner. Not the actual preparation but the eating.
9. My friend Brett and his new bride Caitlin are coming to visit tomorrow/night. I am looking forward to seeing him and getting to know Caitlin better!
10. Starting a new book, A Secret Kept by Tatiane de Rosnay. I really enjoyed Sarah's Key so hopefully her new novel won't disappoint. 


Casie said...

Aww.. such a cute school picture!

Grandma T said...

Bennet is too cute! I love that girl!