Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moments from my 34th Year

Today is my 35th birthday. Today I move into the next age demographic on all those surveys and forms. Today I am 100% happy with my age. As my Dad says, "Better a year older than dead". Today I feel blessed to have a husband who loves me, kids that adore me, family that accepts me and friends that choose to spend time with me. 

Here are some of the highlights from my 34th year. It was a busy one!

Top to bottom, Left to Right:
01. Movie Date with Bennet
02. Nick's homemade rocking horse for the girls for Christmas
03. 9 months pregnant with Ellie
04. First photo of my three girls
05. Spending lots of time in the wrap (Ellie birth-8 weeks)
06. Storytime at the library
07. Trunnell family visit Valentine's Day weekend
08. Ellie smiles
09. The Great Stomach Flu of 2010
10. Dying Eggs in Elk River
11. Easter weekend in Wausau
12. My first Mother's Day as a Mom of 3
13. MN cabin weekend with just us girls
14. First Fat Tire post Ellie
15. Memorial Day weekend at the cabin
16. WooHoo Wednesday picnic at Grandma Barb's
17. Homemade Zombie doll for Nick for Father's Day
18. Backyard camping with the big girls
19. 4th of July weekend in Wahkon, MN
20. Woodchucks Game
21. Date night to celebrate Jess's birthday
22. Madison weekend for Brett & Caitlin's wedding
23. Scrapbook weekend at Tall Oaks Retreat with ScrapFreaks (plus monthly crops with the girls!)
24. Family walk to the Farmers Market and breakfast at The Mint
25. Jason Yarrington Memorial Weekend in Eau Claire
26. Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay
27. After a decade as a redhead I go to my natural brown
28. After a year being unemployed I start my new job at the YWCA Wausau
29. Beef-A-Rama in Minocqua with the Mann's
30. Looking at the fall colors on Rib Mountain
31. Me & Ellie in the leaves
32. Sewing Bennet's Halloween costume
33. Chaperoning Bennet's Field Trip to School Forest
34. Surviving the day-to-day of raising 3 wonderful girls!


gottaluvboyz said...

Happy Birthday, Kari Ann! Love the photos...what a great idea:)

Michelle said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Kari!!!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Kari
the collage of all the photos is wonderful, it looks like you had a terrific year .. may the next be just as special!

Grandma T said...

Love it!

.jessica jo. said...

Happy birthday Kari. I teared up a little reading your post and am so lucky that I was a part of your 34th year! Heres to a great 35th year and many more memories with your family and friends and new adventures!