Monday, November 8, 2010

What I Would Tell Her (If I knew what to say)

Last Friday Nick and I went to our first Parent Teacher Conference with Bennet's 4K teacher. I'm sure by the time Ellie graduates high school we'll be old pros, but since it was the first time I was nervous.

I don't what I was afraid of. I guess I was prepared to hear about all the things we needed to work on. I think I was afraid that she had inherited all of our less desirable qualities. Would she talk too much or interrupt?(I tend to interrupt). Would she forget her classmates names? (Nick's not so hot with names). Was she kissing ALL the boys or only Liam? Was she that kid?

It never occurred to me that she may have also inherited some of our most desirable qualities. That perhaps she was listening to what we've been teaching her. That she could be the girl we know and love at school as well as at home.

Her teacher told us that she was a wonderful, thoughtful and caring little girl. That Bennet looks out for classmates and makes sure they are doing ok. She said it was clear that Bennet was happy and loved school.

At this point that feedback means more to me than whether she can write her name (which she can) or can read a book unassisted (which she can't). There are so many moments of doubt when you're a parent. Am I doing it right? Am I doing enough? It makes me feel good to know that Nick and I are doing ok- maybe even great.

It reminded me of this video I saw at the beginning of the year. Katherine Center said it better than I could. I took the words from the video and used it for the journaling on my layout.

What I Would Tell Her (if I knew what to say) by Katherine Center


BK said...

Great post, Kari! I haven't met Ellie, yet, but B and Scout are great kids. And you and Nick are doing a great job! Love the video - it made me tear up, and I don't even have kids. I'm such a sap. ;)

Grandma T said...

Wow! Love the video, love you and your family.