Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This man. . .

    I just love this man. Now he is isn't perfect but I am regularly reminded that he is a great fit for me. I just want him to know that I appreciate how hard he works and how much we love him.

    Some of the reasons why-

  • When I return to bed after I've been up nursing Ellie I find that he's fluffed my pillow.

  • When I was checking out of the hospital after having Ellie he brought the nurses/doctors doughnuts and fancy coffee with creamers as a thank you. Wasn't that thoughtful?

  • He does bathrooms. And floors. I never have to nag him to help with keeping our home somewhat presentable.

  • He cooks. He really is a great cook. I'm more of a recipe gal but he can put foods/ingredients together on a whim and have the end result turn out delicious.

  • He works so hard to support our family. I am happy that he's been able to build his business into something so successful. PLUG!! If you or anyone you know has any web design/graphic design work please check us out. Big Fat Designs

  • He makes me laugh. All the time.
  • When life gets tough or a little out of whack he helps me keep the BIG things in perspective.


A Sarasota said...

That is so SWEET! You are both lucky!

Williams Family said...

That is so sweet. What a great partnership and family you two have made together!