Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He Said

I love cards. I love opening the mailbox and seeing the envelope with my name handwritten on the front. I love opening them up. I love the feel of them. I love showcasing them on the fridge so I see them everytime I walk by. I tend to keep every card I receive. I love cards.

Nick is NOT a card guy. It isn't because he's forgetful, he just doesn't do them. It's just one of those things. I've learned to just roll with it. To each their own. That doesn't stop me from requesting them for those big, life changing events.

I didn't get a card when Scout was born.

Shortly after she was born I walked into the bathroom one morning and found a handwritten note taped to the mirror. I swooned. Sooooo much better than a card. I have it taped inside my bathroom cabinet but wanted to put it in our scrapbook as well. I think I may scan the original and attach it to the back.


Williams Family said...

I'm not visiting your blog any more. That's two days in a row that I am sniffling at my desk!

You two have such a great relationship, and have created a remarkable family.

Audra said...

great layout... really cool story behind it!!