Saturday, February 7, 2009


I was tagged by my friend Amy to go to the 6th album in my photos and share the 6th photo with you.

I back up my photos religiously but my organization is pretty haphazard. By person, year, event and in multiple locations.

This was the 6th photo in the 6th folder in the 2006 folder for Bennet. This photo was taken nearly 3 years ago. Wow. I can see the girl she is now in her baby face.

Now I get to tag 6 people:

The first 6 people who view this- TAG- you're it!!


shirley said...

No one has left a comment, so I'll consider myself tagged - cute spin on the tagging!

Amy said...

B has always been one of those babies that has maintained her look from the very beginning! Adorable. :) Charlotte is a lot like that, but Jack looks like a totally different kid!! LOL!

Thanks for playing along, Kari. :)

Char said...

Very Cute Kari Ann! I was tagged by Amy as well. It is over on my blog :)

jenney said...

What a sweet picture! Love the nametag. =)

Brenda said... can that have been 3 years ago? It seems like yesterday! What cute babies you make!

Williams Family said...

Isn't that incredible? We were looking at a picture of Catherine the day she was born, sleeping - and it is still her face there!