Thursday, February 19, 2009

Professional Photographer

Considering how many photos I take on a daily basis it shouldn't come as a surprise that Bennet has picked up a love of photography (tongue in cheek). These are the photos she took the other night at dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (Bennet calls it buffalos. It's very cute). Here are her photos.

Scout has a halo :)
Chocolate milk

Dad's favorite sweater

Not framed perfectly but she got my head.

This last one I took of Scout. She's watching The Backyardigans on the ipod Touch. Yes- we are THOSE parents that give their kids movies to watch while waiting for dinner. Nick and I were wondering what other people must think of us when they see that. My response was that we are actually doing them a favor. It's better to keep them occupied than to have them screaming, whining and being generally being unpleasant. Thoughts?


.jessica jo. said...

startin out young, huh? maybe she needs her own little camera.

i wish i thought of a little Tv when trevor was little to take to restaurants, your a genius!!!!

Monica Jo said...

Oh wow. She really does need her own camera.
As for the ipod..I think its a good idea. Besides...who really cares what strangers in a resturaunt are thinking? Most of them are probably thinking they wish they had thought of it.

Williams Family said...

Wow, that is a really great idea to have the iPod videos ready! And Scout is looking so grown-up, I am amazed.

Nice photography by Miss B!

jenney said...

Great job, Bennet!!

I love the idea of using the Ipod! Genius!!!

Charity said...

What a GREAT idea!!! Love the pics
Bennet. Yummy BW3's!!