Monday, February 2, 2009

Crop your little heart out

Friday night I had some 'me' time and went over to my friend Jess's house to scrap. As I was leaving Nick was jokingly shouting up the stairs, "You go crop. You crop your little heart out. And use patterned paper and glittery glue sticks. And oh- I know how you like your little embellishments. Don't come back here until. . . " I was out the door at that point. He makes me laugh. He once asked, "Why do they call it a crop? They should call it a Scrap" I agree but I don't think the industry will make the switch at this point.

I got a couple layouts done. This is a really simple one of Scout. I wanted to use the patterned paper b/c it matched her pj's perfectly so I just layered the backets. I used some blue thread and embellies to pull out Scout's eyes. I didn't have a 's' or 'e' so I used the negative sticker from the sheet.
A tremor in the Force :) Jess let me use some of her orange stickles for a little glittery punch but they didn't transfer in the scan very well. I actually used orange eyelets on this one. I'm livin' on the edge people.


jenney said...

LOL My hubby calls it "crapbooking". Men!!

Cute layouts!

.jessica jo. said...

had alot of fun friday night! cant wait til the next "scrap" night!!!!

roxybonds said...

Everytime I type crop, i misspell it crap... heee. Good thing I catch it each time though!

Love that first one, we have those same jammies!

Jayne said...

:) Your dh sounds like a hoot! Glad you had fun!

Amy said...

Great pages, Kari. Nick is too funny. :)

BTW, I tagged you for a little game on my blog. :)