Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Making Me Smile

I have been kind of down in the dumps lately. Trying to shake this funk. Let me tell ya- Bennet the 3-year old jabber mouth is exactly what I need. Here are some of the things that she's said the last couple of days to make me smile.


At the baby shower on Saturday she sneezed. She looked at me and said, "Mama- when I sneezed a little pee came out. A little pee came out Mama"

Somedays it is adundantly clear that she is my daughter.


"Mama- I give you a hug and kiss and then you'll feel better" Proceed to hug and kiss. "See Mama- all better!"


Whenever I leave the house for work or a day on the road Nick says "Drive safe. Stay away from the bad guys"

This was the conversation this morning as I was leaving for work:

Scene: Bennet’s eating cereal as she wishes her Mom well for the day. Scout is in the high chair smearing yogurt on her face with a spoon.
(I have interpreted Bennet’s “speak”)

Bennet: Stay away from the bad guys mom…

Me(K): You want me to stay away from the bad guys?

B: Yeah… No bad guys near the car.

K: Ok. I won’t let them near the car.

B: Yeah… *words words words* bad guys – stay away – no near the car. They come near the car, no, no, no.

K: Ok I will.

B: If bad guys near car you shoot em.

K: You want Dad to shoot the bad guys?

B: No. YOU shoot em.


K: Ok B, I will. Bye –

B: Those bad guys won’t survive.

Somedays it is adundantly clear that she is Nick's daughter too. He was so proud.

There is always a silver lining no matter how gray the cloud.


Brenda said...

LOL! She is adorable! Its so fun to see what those little minds come up with.

Williams Family said...

Cutest thing ever. She is so darling! Glad she is there to bring some sunshine into your days right now.

.jessica jo. said...

You really need to bring her over sometime! She is such a riot!!!!

Sara said...

You need to do a "things you say" lo featuring a few of your favorite Bennet gems. She is so darn cute!

I did one for Addy, and everyone Addy included) gets a kick out of looking at it and seeing the cute, funny, inexplainable things she has said.

roxybonds said...

LOL! Ty is all about shooting the monsters right now. I love the imagination!