Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pocketful of Sunshine

Today it is -21 below with a windchill of -45. All the schools are closed and you would get frostbite in less than 8 minutes if you stood outside. Today is the perfect day to post this layout. A reminder that the weather does get warmer eventually.

I made it with the Scrap4Life monthly song challenge in mind. We were challenged to use a song title/lyrics from 2008. Title: Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Betingfield.

This is Scout on her 1st birthday. I loved the photo so much I printed it out nice and big!

I adhered a pocket on the back with handwritten journaling:

JOURNALING: My sweet Scout- It's hard to believe that you are one year old today. You and I spent the day together- just the two of us. We went to a field near our house to take photos. It was one of those moments when I wish I could stop time. It was simply perfect. The sky was vibrant blue with white fluffy cloud slowly rolling by. You sat down and started to play as the warm sunlight shone down on your sweet head. I realized that I took this photo at 3:27 ap.m. exactly one year from the minute you were born. Of course I got emotional. Your mom is very sentimental. I just love you so very much. I will always carry the memory of your first birthday with me- close to my heart. That picture perfect September afternoon we spent together in the sunshine. I love you very much Scout. Never doubt that. Love, Mom

Hope this warms you up today!!


Sara said...

I DO feel a little warmer! Thanks for sharing Kari :)

Jayne said...

Brrrrrr....but I do love the layout! Just now catching up after our move cross country. Have enjoyed reading your blog :)

Melissa S said...

Ahhhh..nothing wrong with us sentimental folks..I am touched at this is perfect as is your journaling!

JC/DC said...

She is a pocketful of sunshine...especially at this time. May her and Bennet's hugs keep you going! Just a beautiful LO Kari.

roxybonds said...

First off- I LOVE THAT!!!!! You have a knack for using large photos so well!

I've nominated you for the baddest mommy blogger award! Check my scrap blog :)

jenney said...

What a great picture and such a cute layout!