Tuesday, January 20, 2009

B & Outie

What's new with B and Couty? First of all, Bennet calls Scout "Outie". A nickname my mom is petrified will stick. I figure there are far worse things she could call her.

Bennet's latest phrases that crack me up.

  • She'll hold her finger up and say "I have an idea Mama. I'll be right back" She usually comes back with a dvd or a snack.

  • EVERYTHING is "Amorrow". "I'll wear that shirt amorrow mama" "Go to the dentist amorrow"

  • Speaking of the dentist. She wants to go to the dentist in the worst way. She talks about it EVERY day. She mentioned it at least 15 times yesterday. I suppose I should get an appt. scheduled.

  • Since she is 3 and since I need to work on my patience I often say "Bennet- you're drivin' me nuts!" Well- now she says it. "Drivin' me nuts Mama". Wonderful.

Now onto Outie-

  • She climbed out of her crib last week during nap time. I walked into her room to get her and she was walking around with tears running down her face. Startled but otherwise fine. We lowered the crib as low as it will go and have our fingers crosses.

  • Bennet has a new bed which Scout LOVES to jump on. I'll be honest- it's kind of adorable watching them frolic together. Until the inevitable injury.

  • She gets so excited when I come home from work. It's just adorable. She'll stand and the gate and bounce up and down saying Mama. Melts my heart!
  • She is starting to know what things are. Nick will say "Ok Scout, time to go pick up Bennet from Amy's House." and she'll run to the closet looking for her shoes and coat. I'm pretty sure it's her favorite part of the day.


JC/DC said...

These pics are just adorable! There is nothing cuter than sibling pictures...especially when they are as cute and B and Outie!

Matt said...

What about "I'm going to have a baby in my tummy tomorrow." :)

Camilla said...

you can tell those girls love each other so much! Such great pictures at capturing the relationship. Oh and kids are so funny with their little comments and repeating things you say. Porter told me the other day he would "deal with the baby" for me. ( I always tell cory to deal with the kids so i can make dinner)

jenney said...

Aw!! So sweet! I love the pics and the "I have an idea" is classic! LOL

Monica Jo said...

Your girls are so adorable. They crack me up.

.jessica jo. said...

your girls are so adorable! I was just asking my sister the other day if Brett (few months older then S) ever climbed outta his crib....she didnt think it was possible.....but i just told her that Scout just did! You should bring her over once when Brett is at my house...they would have a blast!

The Comin Family said...

Love the pics!!! Chris does the same thing about Mama, driving me crazy. I guess I saw it too much hear too. :) I love to hear about the girls!! You can tell they already have such a great relationship.