Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello 2009

It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone. Traditionally odd numbered years are momentous for our family.

2001- Nick and I had our 1st date.
2003- We got married
2005- Bennet was born
2007- Scout was born
2009- What will the New Year bring?

2008 saw Bennet go from diapers to the potty. It saw Scout go from crawling on all 4's to running. It saw Nick go from a little tv to his big screen :) It saw me go from an unpublished scrapbook freak to having 2 layouts published.

As 2008 ends I thought I'd share 10 of my favorite layouts from the year. It was hard to narrow them down. All the world's problems aside, we did have a pretty great year. I am excited to see what 2009 has in store for Team Sweeney.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and harmonious 2009!


Stacy said...

Those are all great layouts Kari Ann! I love your work!

Jenney said...

Love all the layouts!!

charlotte said...

that is really neat about odd numbered years. and i love your idea about posting your fave los of the past year- i am so stealing that! loved seeing these los from you again :)

Amy said...

We lead parallel lives. ;) Odd numbers here are big, too!

Your work is just incredible, Kari! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Melissa S said...

ooo I can't wait to see the big things for you in 2009 as well! I love all of those lo's..and remember almost all of them from you posting them! Happy 2009 to you!

Camilla said...

I always read your blog and thought i better post something so you know i am out here enjoying your blogs!

i love odd numbers and we got married in 2003 but other than that it seams everything keeps happening for us on even years... all my boys except taylor are born even years. oh well! I love all the layouts! i love the hand stitching you have been doing, it really adds.

just have to add.. the word verification is pokeledu. what a silly word!