Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WooHoo Wednesday (June 6)

Last WooHoo Wednesday we made homemade sidewalk chalk paint. It was really cheap and simple. We followed this recipe. 

We made enough to have 2 tins of paints.

Bennet was all about the paint splatter. With a fair amount of splatter ending up in her hair. 
I don't think we've ever done a project that hasn't gone from somewhat clean and organized to full on MESS in a matter of minutes. This was no exception. It wasn't long before Scout decided that brushes were for amateurs and the best painting implement was her hands and feet. We took one muffin tin and poured it into a rectangular pan.

 My contribution to the project. 
After they were sufficiently covered from head to toe in sidewalk chalk I quickly ushered all three of them into the shower- TOGETHER! I think that may have been their favorite part of the activity.  I wish I would have recorded the shrieks of glee and the contagious laughter that came from that little stall. They were having all together too much fun! The sweet sounds of sisterhood! 

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