Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Woo Hoo Wednesday - June 20

A week or so ago Bennet came up to me with an idea for our Woo Hoo Wednesday project/activity. It made me so happy that she came up with an idea all on her own. And that she was genuinely excited about it. Her idea? SOCK PUPPETS! The girl is a genius! 

Tubes Socks (Dollar Tree)
Giant Googly Eyes
Cardboard (for the mouth)
Hot Glue Gun

Bennet getting her doggie's hair ready. I just love her tongue stuck out. Very serious work.

I did alot of the assembly due to the hot glue gun (and have the blisters to prove it!) but the girls picked out the colors and overall theme. Here is Bennet's finished dog.

Scout made Miss Piggy. She decided to use a marker and color the sleeve and her arm.

Ellie made a very scaled down version of Kermit to accompany Miss Piggy.

Bennet became obsessed with her puppet. She pretty much wore it ALL day Thursday. It was on when I dropped her off for Summer School in the morning. It was on when I picked her up at lunch. She did a little show for the YWCA staff when she got there in the afternoon. The girl is all about commitment to her craft.

She overheard me telling Nick that I hope she doesn't get into ventriloquy because those puppets creep me out. Of course she's now asking,"Can I see what those creepy puppets are Mom? I bet I'd like them." Can't you just picture her with a ventriloquist doll? So help me.  

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Vanessa Johnson said...

Toooo cute!!! Those turned out adorable!! (But if you want to see some non creepy ventriloquist act, check out Jeff Dunham. I hate ventriloquists, but he's hillarious!)