Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WooHoo Wednesday (June 13) -Father's Day Craft

Every year I try to have the girls make something for Nick for Father's Day. I usually start by asking, "What do you think Dad would like? What things does he like?" The first year I asked this they responded with "Tissues"so he got an fancy embellished pink kleenex holder. Another year they responded with "Zombies" so we made him an ugly zombie doll. 

This year they responded with, "Well- Dad does drink alot of water in his office." They would know. They are always in there sneaking a sip. Based on that we made him a set of homemade coasters. 

Ellie's little hand.
Bennet drew him a picture of Diablo. Nick's been playing a lot of Diablo 3 lately. Bennet helps him pick out is weapons, etc.
Scout wrote 'HULK'. Big surprise right?
I coated them generously with ModPodge and am hoping they last for at least 2 uses. If I did it again I would have the kids use either crayons or permanent markers. The water-based markers smeared quite a bit when I applied the top coat.

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