Monday, November 21, 2011

Moments from my 35th Year

Today is my 36th birthday. Today I move closer to 40 than 30.  As my Dad says, "Better a year older than dead". Today I feel blessed to have a husband who loves me, kids that think I'm pretty neat, family that accepts me and friends that choose to spend time with me.

1. Formal night out at 20 Friends Party.
2. My wonderful scrappy friends Kim, Casie & Jess.
3. Celebrating Christmas in Elk River.
4. My 1st YWCA Men Who Cook event.
5. Eleanor’s 1st birthday.
6. Surviving the winter snow.
7. 3 nights in the hospital with Ellie and RSV.
8. We have a walker.
9. Date night at the Wausau Country Club.
10. St. Patty’s Day at the YWCA Child Development Center.
11. Lots of meals (and desserts) at the Mint Café.
12. Easter in Wausau. My 3 girls under the arbor where Nick and I exchanged our vows.
13. Bennet’s head stuck in the fence. Typical.
14. Visit to see Great Grandpa Bud.
15. I’m a Godmother! Welcome Morgan Mary!
16. Chaperoning Bennet’s field trip to the CVA .
17. Time spent at Bent’s Camp with a perfect Bloody Mary.
18. Cabin weekends!!
19. Feeding the bear at Wildwood Wildlife Park in Minocqua.
20. 4th of July at my parent’s cabin in Wahkon, MN.
21. My very own Mr. Darcy.
22. Concerts on the 400 Block.
23. Friday 1/2 days spent at Kaiser Pool.
24. Annual trip to Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay.
25. The passing of my Grandma Marvel Trunnell.
26. Scout’s 4th Despicible Me themed birthday party.
27. Night out in Eau Claire with irreplaceable college friends.
28. First time published in Creating Keepsakes.
29. Fall trip to the cabin and Bond Falls.
30. Checking out the leaves at Rib Mountain State Park.
31. Chaperoning Scout’s 4K trip to the pumpkin patch.
32. Mini-vacation to Grand Lodge at Cedar Creek.
33. Opening my Etsy shop.
34. A zombie Halloween.


Grandma T said...

You are too creative! Love the black and white photo of you and B, on a field trip?

BK said...

Looks like a great year to me! :) Happy birthday - here's to many more (insert drinks / clink)! Cheers!

Emilie said...